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Lug Stud Conversion

Lug Stud Conversion

Do you swap wheels often? Use this stud conversion kit to rid yourself of those pesky bolts that leave you supporting the weight of the wheel (cross armed, no less) while trying to line up the holes of the wheels, rotors, and hubs. If you have spacers, you know what a chore this can turn into.

This stud kit is the perfect upgrade for track and race cars. Change wheels faster and easier. Depending on your wheels, you can use 10mm-15mm spacers. The studs are 65mm long overall. 50mm of usable thread once installed into the hub. One end of the stud installs into the hub, the other end has a broached end for easy installation with an allen key (included). Available for Porsche & Audi.

Steel Lug Nuts

Are you still using those factory aluminum lug nuts that are prone to cracking, stripping, and seizing up? Save the hassle and switch to these OEM steel nuts which can be used time and time again without the issues of the aluminum nuts.


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