Rennline HD RS Style Spring Plates

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As the 964 generation of 911 matures, we have seen an increased need for replacement and upgrades for the factory bushings. Over time the rubber can and will degrade, whether it is used regularly or garaged, and when this happens it can wreak havoc with your car's handling. The spring plates are especially critical on the 964 because they serve as the toe adjustment point for the rear suspension.

Degradation of these bushings can allow the spring plate to shift under high load situations like heavy braking or under the g-forces created by aggressive cornering. This can cause nervous handling at best, and at worst a car that is unpredictable and has a healthy dose of the 911's famous "snap oversteer." Traditionally the only option has been a 935-style spring plate which uses spherical bearings, leading to a rougher and louder ride which these spring plates will not do thanks to their rubber bushing construction.

Not only do our Rennline HD spring plates replace these bushings with RS spec durometer rubber, but they feature a greater range of adjustment, just like the original RS plates. These are the perfect complement to any 964, whether it is a street or track car, giving a significant increase in performance, replacing worn and aging factory parts, and providing increased adjustability all while maintaining a civil ride quality and minimal increase cabin noise.

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