Rennline HD Rear Subframe Bushings - Street

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High Density Version

Increase rear end stability and extend the life of your alignment with Rennline's High Density subframe mounts. Factory units can cause rear ends to become more 'twitchy' and nervous, especially under high suspension loads, especially as they begin to fail. These bushings are not only responsible for holding the entire rear subframe to the shell, but for locating it in relation to the body and other suspension components. This means that even if they have not totally fallen apart, the stock soft mounts can often allow the entire rear suspension to shift and realign itself and as a result your entire car.

Made from heavy duty high durometer rubber which features a 25% increase in stiffness over OE units, our High Density bushing kit includes the aluminum inner core and outer casement making them a plug and play solution for your 997. Enjoy a more planted rear end and stop living at the alignment shop with this subframe kit.

This is for 1 side. Two kits required per car