Lightweight Battery Mount Kit - PC680 - Switch Mount

Porsche - 914, 944, 964, 993 Mini - R55, R56, R57, R58, R59 VW - Mk5, Mk6, MK7
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Installing a lightweight battery is a standard modification on both track and high-performance street cars. This unit is designed to work with the Odyssey 680 or Voltphreaks VPR-p6 lightweight battery. The stock battery is much heavier than necessary, upwards of 50 pounds heavier than an Odyssey 680. Until now, mounting one of these lightweight batteries into a car required fabricating your own mounting bracket system. Rennline's billet aluminum battery mount kits make mounting a lightweight battery an easy afternoon project. As required by most organized race events, these kits enclose all six sides of the battery and are complete bolt-in assemblies which require absolutely no drilling. Kit's include all necessary hardware, full installation instructions and are available with or without integrated switch mount. Note: Switch, remote pull, and battery are not included with this or any of the kits.