Rennline Strut Tower Brace - Monoball - Porsche

911/912/930 (W/power assist brakes) 2 Point and 3 Point systems
$245.00 - $299.00
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911/912/930 All - 1966-89
Integrated Monoball 2 Point Strut Brace - Also designed to work in conjunction with Rennline front monoballs, the 2-point strut brace is an excellent cost-saving alternative for owners who wish to maximize front trunk space. The 2-point brace requires no drilling to install, will not change your alignment settings, and is manufactured out of aircraft-quality aluminum with TIG welded stainless steel brackets. The 2-point brace weighs 1.4 pounds.

Integrated Monoball 3 Point Strut Brace- Rennline has designed a new 3-point strut brace specifically to work with the new Rennline front monoballs and create an integrated front suspension system unavailable anywhere else on the market. The new 3-point strut brace bolts directly to the tops of the front monoballs, locking exceptional rigidity into your front suspension and dramatically reducing camber changes in hard cornering and braking. Unlike other 3-point strut braces which anchor to flimsy trunk sheet metal, the diagonal bar of the Rennline brace bolts to the mounting studs used to attach the brake booster, which is one of the strongest locations on the front of a 911. For 911's with power brakes, the Rennline intergrated monoball strut brace is truly a bolt-in system, requiring no drilling. Installation of these strut braces will not change your alignment settings. Both upper and lower bars are fully adjustable, allowing you to set desired pre-load, and manufactured out of aircraft-quality aluminum and TIG welded stainless steel brackets. The complete assembly weighs only 2.6 pounds.
911/912/930 All (W/power assist brakes) - 1977-89