Rennline Control Arm Kit Upgraded and Pre-Installed

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These utilize the early style sway bar bracket, which is perfect for any through body sway bars, including early OEM, Tarett, etc. Not available with the later under body sway bar bushing mounts. Sold as a pair.

If your 911 is experiencing clunking noises, shaking steering wheel, wandering suspension or just general poor road feel it may be time to replace your front control arm bushings or ball joints. These components are wear items and offer some of the most significant improvements in driving experience when you replace your worn bushings/ball joints with fresh ones. The only issue? The job can be quite difficult if you don't have the right tools for the job. Rennline is now offering to do the hard part for you by offering brand new control arms with OEM bushing and your choice of ball joint. Whether you're setting your car up for the street or the track, we have an option for you. Along with the installed bushings and ball joints, you will also have a fresh set of control arms, powdercoated black just like your factory ones used to be..

Ball Joints - If you track your car or have lowered it below Euro height, you might want to consider de-cambered ball joints. Rennline Decambered Ball Joints are a track ready solution for 911/912/914 owners looking to perfect their suspension setup. These Decambered Ball Joints rectify the problem of limited camber adjustment on the top of the strut by moving the bottom of the strut further from the body. With the same upper strut mount location these ball joints alone can gain up to -.75° of camber and gain .5" of track width improving the stance and stability of the front end all at once. These are a perfect complement for any street or track suspension, and are a must have for those looking to precisely dial in the ultimate alignment setup.

Once you've placed your order, we will build your control arms for you in 1-3 days, and send them out for a trouble free installation. No core charge.