Rennline Aluminum Dash Cluster (Autometer Guages) - Porsche

914 - 1969-76
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It’s time to modernize those dated gauges in your 914. This job is made easy with Rennline’s aluminum instrument cluster. This unit is made from billet aluminum and comes with a brushed finish that is easy to paint if desired. It will accept all modern size instruments as well as needed 1/2 inch wide warning lights that were originally integrated with your factory gauges. This cluster is shown with Autometer's play-back programmable tach, and electronic speedometer. Other types of modern gauges can be installed as well. Autometer sell an inexpensive device to convert a mechanical speedometer cable rotation in to a electronic impulse signal, thus allowing the use of an electronic speedometer. Old cluster has outdated size cut outs, and will not fit modern-size instruments.
914 - 1969-76