Brembo 2-Piece Disc Upgrade - Front

Cayman GT4
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Product Description


The Porsche Cayman’s suspension setup, geometry, and dynamic weight distribution results in an overall chassis balance that is more sensitive to braking inputs. However, this can be tuned with managing the operating temperature of the brake disc and also by using different friction compounds that are optimized for the specific brake temperature windows. As the braking system’s primary function is to control and dissipate heat, Brembo uses purpose-designed discs in order to increase the fade resistance and thermal capacity of the system. These discs are directionally ventilated for enhanced cooling and slotted to continuously refresh the pad surface and give better pad engagement and release characteristics. Brembo performance 2-piece discs are made up of a proprietary advanced cast-iron alloy which offers an exceptional coefficient of friction and increased resistance to thermal shock and fatigue.

The front Brembo 380x34mm / 72 vane racing disc used for the GT4 application are available in multiple configurations (standard or heavy duty with Type 3 sprint slot pattern or heavy duty with Type 5 endurance slot pattern) to help the user setup the brakes to suit their specific needs.

1. Outer Brembo Type III Discs (Qty 2) 2. Billet, 6061 T6 Aluminum, Hard Anodized Bell/Hat 3. Complete Brembo Hardware (D-Type Bobbin) w/ Anti-Rattle Springs or Optional Full Floating Hardware

  • OEM INTEGRATION: Brembo 2-piece disc upgrades are designed to work seamlessly with the OE calipers and systems (manufactured by Brembo for Porsche). This guarantees the utmost in safety and seamless fitment.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Disc assemblies include an outer iron disc with aluminum bell/hat and provide decreased corner weights to improve vehicle dynamics including handling, acceleration, and braking.
  • TYPE III SLOT PATTERN: Extensively used in professional motorsports, the Type III slot pattern offers a high initial response with excellent release characteristics.
  • HIGH THERMAL CAPACITY: Greatly improved thermal capacity and heat management over OE discs and other aftermarket discs in the market. This also improves braking performance and allows for greater longevity of the components.
  • FRICTION MATERIALS: Everything we learn by supporting top professional racing teams throughout the world goes into selecting the best brake pad options for all levels of street, track and racing use.