Over the past 13 years since Rennline has been established, we have developed over 5000 products to meet the needs of Porsche enthusiasts whether it be on the street or the track. Our customers feedback has been a vital part of the product development and evolution process, and it's through this process that we are able to develop the top quality products that are synonymous with the Rennline name.

In order to catch this customer feedback earlier on in the product life cycle we have started the Rennline Design Gruppe (RDG), which consists of customers who are willing to get involved and provide feedback, beta test, and/or photograph new products before they hit the mainstream market. Between the RDG, and a couple select dealerships who are very hospitable in letting us use their inventory, we can usually locate any cars necessary for product development. Occasionally however, the required cars are not available, and that is where you, our customers, come in to play.

In order to grow our database of available vehicles and willing customers, we are currently accepting applications to join the RDG. Applicants should be willing to provide feedback on new products and ideas, including templates, photographs, and beta testing. As a member of the RDG, you may be entitled to the following perks based on your level of involvement:

  • Rennline Design Gruppe decals
  • Free Rennline Shwag
  • Exclusive Sales
  • Pre-Release purchasing priority
  • Free or Heavily Discounted Product

As always we greatly appreciate our customers loyalty and feedback over the years, and we are looking forwards to working closer with you in the future. In order to submit your Rennline Design Gruppe application, please fill out and submit the form below.

-Rennline Staff