News & Events 964 Turbo Project - Part 1

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Project: 964 Turbo Barn Find

A brief glimpse of a rusting shell in the woods on a back road. The gleam of a forgotten headlight through a barn door. Local lore of a long lost duck tail buried deep in a pile of rubbish. But time marches on, and the term ‘barn find’ has itself become antiquated. Many of today’s treasures have been lost to garages, storage units and warehouses, but are no easier to discover. Regardless of location, as the classic 911 continues to rise in value, these stories have become fewer and further between.
Our tale begins two years ago when Rennline boss-man Paul was looking for something suitable for family and dog hauling that could rip through the brutal Vermont winters. Being a Porsche man, the Cayenne was an obvious choice, and thus the search began. Thanks to the internet, Paul quickly located a lightly used 2013 Cayenne S belonging to a gentleman who had decided that the “Porsche guy life” wasn’t for him. A deal was struck, plane tickets purchased, and soon Paul was in Virginia exchanging handshakes and keys.
Always the opportunist, Paul made sure to ask the seller if he knew anyone else that might be liquidating their Porsche lifestyle and assets. “My Dad has a late 80’s, early 90’s Porsche he has had forever, but he has a bit of a death grip on it,” was his response “if that ever changes I will let you know.” Happy with the deal, they shook hands and parted ways. It would be another two years before this story got really good.

An unexpected email reopened the case of the “death grip Porsche,” with the son informing Paul that his father’s hold was starting to slacken. Details were lacking at best; the son knew it was red and that it was a Porsche. It had been daily driven for some time, but was parked and let sit 12 years prior when it had needed brake work. Paul asked for pictures, but the car was hundreds of miles from his point of contact, so several weeks of waiting ensued.
Finally another email arrived bearing attachments. Expectations were low after reading the text: “Sorry for the REALLY bad cell phone photos, hopefully they will be good enough for now.” Still hoping for a ratty 911, but expecting a beat 944 or 928 he began opening attachments. What he saw blew him away- a 964 Turbo in Guards Red. Arguably one of the most desirable cars ever to come out of Stuttgart. Within hours Paul had plane tickets in hand, but there were still plenty of surprises to come.




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